Nicole | Senior 2018

I haven’t blogged in ages and in that time my photography has moved from an almost full-time summer job, to part-time year round, to now being solely a ministry purposed being. I’m excited and relieved to be in that position, which I’m sure sounds odd. But when we are homeschooling 4 children, training 2 toddlers, serving at our awesome church, and involved with our small group and our families … there really is little time for entrepreneurial endeavors! And I am 100% ok with that!

Of course, I will definitely take on a session when it’s this girl.
This is my sister, Nicole. Nikki as she prefers.
She is everything redheaded!

Spunky, spicey, silly.
And I thoroughly enjoy her.

I love her heart, her desire, her determination. And I had a BLAST spending time with her to take these images! Because we’re so far apart in age we haven’t had that “normal” sisterhood of bickering and sharing and telling secrets, but thankfully now, there seems to be more time for all that – minus the bickering – which we’re both elated to skip! 😉




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